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Boerum Hill dentist

There are many uses for dental crowns done by our Boerum Hill dentist. They are handy for reinforcing a tooth that has become cracked or chipped, or weakened by decay. When you have root canal therapy, a crown restores the tooth back to its original size so that it can look and function normally. The tooth portion of dental implants are made out of dental crowns. And they are also a key component in the anchoring of dental bridges. Plus, don’t forget all of the cosmetic applications for them. Sometimes, you have a tooth that is crooked or discolored; misshapen or otherwise not to your like aesthetically. Here at Central Park Dentists, we’re pleased to provide top quality crowns for all your dental needs.

For crowns that are used on the front teeth, the ones that show why you smile or speak, porcelain is a favored material to use. It has several advantages. First, it is strikingly similar in color to your natural teeth. That means your crown blends in seamlessly. Second, porcelain is resistant to stains. If you’re a tobacco user; you like to drink tea, coffee, red wine, or cola; or you indulge in berries, soy sauce, or curry; you will find that your crown made of porcelain will retain its color for longer than other materials do. For back teeth, which require more strength to stand up to the force exerted when chewing food, our Boerum Hill dentist offers porcelain baked to a metal substrate.

Typically, two visits are required to complete a crown. First, measurements and impressions are taken so that the dental lab will have precise information to create the best fitting crown possible for you. When you return, our Boerum Hill dentist will present the finished product. If any adjustments are necessary, they will be made. Once you are satisfied with the feel of the crown, it will be cemented to your tooth.

You can expect to get a lot of mileage out of your crown done by our Boerum Hill dentist. So when your tooth is cosmetically displeasing or has become damaged, don’t hesitate. Getting a crown right now can make you much happier about how your smile looks, and can keep you from exposing that tooth to further harm or even needing an extraction.

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