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Can you recall the last time you paid a visit to your local Cobble Hill dentist? Believe it or not, at home dental care is not enough to adequately protect teeth from decay and disease. Adults need to be seeing visiting their local oral health care center at least twice every year in order to receive regular comprehensive dental cleanings and thorough examinations that can actually work to save you time and money. For regular cleanings and exams that work around your schedule, while utilizing the latest advances in dental technology to insure the best care possible, be sure to book your next appointment at the experts of the Central Park Dentists.

Dental Exams 11201

Dental Exams 11201

While brushing and flossing twice a day is a necessary step to dental prophylaxis, mouths need much more than at home care in order to be truly protected from decay and disease. No matter how advanced your spin brush may be, even the most advanced instruments for at-home brushing and flossing can still leave things behind. Within just twenty minutes after snacks and meals stubborn deposits of tartar and calcium begin to form on the surface of teeth and gum lines. These hardened deposits cause the level of bacteria in your mouth to rise to dangerous levels, and can cause cavities and even gum disease if they are not properly treated by a professional hygienist at your trusted Cobble Hill dentist on a regular basis.

Regular dental appointments are more than just a gentle yet effective cleaning, at your professional Cobble Hill dentist they also include a thorough examination with the latest technology to detect what even the trained eye cannot. With state of the art digital x-rays your doctor can examine your mouth below the surface with the most detailed images to date, all with 90% less radiation. This allows your dentist to detect the early signs of decay and gum disease before they begin to show symptoms and cause damage to your teeth. Digital x-rays are also a valuable tool in examining unerupted wisdom teeth, allowing your doctor to address any issue that could cause impacted teeth before it happens to you.

By receiving regular check-ups every six months at your neighborhood Cobble Hill dentist you can actually save money by stopping decay before it causing cavities to form, and preventing gum disease from causing harm to your smile. The majority of dental problems which patients require treatment for can be easily avoided by maintaining regular oral health care with our fully licensed and professionally trained team at Central Park Dentist. Our conveniently located offices are open late, making it easy for dental care to fit into even the tightest of schedules. With biannual visits to the Central Park Dentist you can enjoy a healthy smile for life.

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