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Are you concerned about the care your mouth needs in order to stop tooth decay from causing further harm to your smile? Cavities are a simple and common oral health problem, but they should not be delayed in being treated any longer than is necessary. Tooth decay can cause far more severe problems than a simple cavity if oral health is not received in a timely manner. Not all cavities are treated equally or in the same manner. Fortunately, you can find the perfectly filling for any type and location of tooth decay with the wide selection of fillings available from our local Cobble Hill family dentist at the welcoming practice of the Central Park Dentists.

Cavities can occur anywhere in your smile, and can occur in both children and adults alike. While traditional fillings may seem out of date to many of these, these fillings still have their place of importance in oral health care today. Metal and other amalgam fillings are often necessary in treating cavities in the very rear of the mouth. Your rear facing molars do the most work of any of your teeth in order to promote healthy chewing. These extreme amounts of bite force require the strongest of fillings for proper treatment, which to this day remains to be metal fillings. There is no need to worry about the look of rear facing molar fillings, as these teeth can only be seen by your trusted Cobble Hill family dentist.

However, for teeth that are seen on a regular basis, other dental fillings options can be considered. The teeth which you show to the world every day in fact do the least amount of work for healthy chewing. As such, your front facing teeth can be treated with a variety of cosmetic dental fillings depending on the location and severity of the cavity. Composite resin fillings can be made by your professional Cobble Hill family dentist to perfectly match your smile, and are the most affordable option in cosmetic fillings today. For a stronger and more stain resistant fillings, many patients often opt for porcelain or ceramics in order to both treat cavities, and even reshape the tooth into a more attractive form. No matter what option you choose, you can enjoy a beautifully healthy smile with cosmetic fillings.

For the perfect fit your cavities, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood Cobble Hill family dentist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the offices of the Central Park Dentists proudly serve your local community with the most advanced technology available today for the very best in oral health and cosmetic care alike. With dental fillings from the Central Park Dentists your smile can be returned to a picture of perfect health.

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