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Are you suffering from gaps in your smile caused by missing teeth? Lost teeth are more common than many of us realize. While teeth can be lost due to a physical trauma, the most often reported causes of missing teeth are painless yet destructive gum disease, and abscessed teeth due to severe levels of decay. Missing teeth are more than just a simple yet annoying cosmetic problem, they also pose a serious threat to your overall oral health. These gaps can work to collect plaque and tartar, furthering the spread of disease and decay to cause further damage to your smile. For the very best in treatment for missing teeth, simply visit your local Cobble Hill implant dentist at the state of the art offices of the Central Park Dentists to find out how dental implants can restore your smile to perfect health.

283489_xlDental implants are unlike any other form of smile restoration available today. While other forms of permanent restoration, such as bridges and fixed dentures, can actually cause harm to your teeth that is necessary for proper fit into the gap at the site of your lost tooth, dental implants cause no harm to any of your remaining teeth. This is because dental implants work to perfectly mimic the inner workings of your natural teeth with a titanium post placed directly into the bone of your jaw. In this way your dental implant creates an artificial tooth root from the strongest metal in dental industry today, which the bone of your jaw naturally grows around the post for six months in the same manner in order to insure a permanent hold inside your mouth.

Once this healing process has completed, your Cobble Hill implant dentist finishes the procedure with a metal abutment that is fitted with a porcelain crown. Porcelain crowns are handcrafted for your unique smile to perfectly mimic the look of your lost teeth. Not only can porcelain be made to match the shade, shape, and texture of any tooth or teeth, but this cosmetic dental material also has the unique ability to resist stains better than your own teeth, so you can continue to enjoy your favorites foods and drinks without ever worrying about harming the look of your beautiful new dental work. With a dental implant your smile is truly restored to perfect working order that can be treated just as you would your own teeth.

For the very best in dental implants, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood Cobble Hill implant dentist. Dr. Garry Levingart and Dr. Bela Levingart have been proudly restoring smiles just like yours for over 20 years. With dental implants from the Central Park Dentists your smile can be as healthy as it is beautiful.

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