Dental Fillings in Brooklyn NY

Dental decay/cavities in Brooklyn NY

Dental fillings in Brooklyn NY

Dental fillings in Brooklyn NY

Cavities certainly are not fun. It’s always a great feeling when our dentist tells you after your examination that you don’t have any. And we at Central Park Dentists are committed to making sure that is a feeling you’re able to have more often than not. However, when you do need our dental fillings in Brooklyn NY, it is our goal to have them done promptly so that you will not be at increased risk for an infection, root canal therapy, and maybe event the loss of a tooth.

Plaque is the cause of dental decay, which results in cavities. Plaque erodes tooth enamel, and the longer it spends in contact with your teeth, the more damage it can cause. It can hide away in gum pockets, so that not even your toothbrush and dental floss can reach it. Plaque that remains in your mouth hardens into tartar. Together, they create a hazard for your dental health. Symptoms that can indicate a cavity include a toothache, sensitivity to pressure on the tooth, bad breath, an unpleasant taste in your mouth, and spots on your teeth. Many times, a cavity will have no symptoms at all, found only when you come in for a six month checkup and x-rays. If you do notice any of the above indications, though, be sure to come in for our dental filings in Brooklyn NY right away. The best method for preventing cavities is to eat a nutritious diet, limit your sugar intake, brush twice per day, and floss before bedtime. Early detection is the next best thing to prevention, of course. So be sure to make twice-yearly visits to our office. If you need our dental fillings in Brooklyn NY, better now than later. And you will also receive a teeth cleaning, which eradicates any plaque and tartar you still have, giving you a new lease on optimal oral wellness.

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