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283489_xlIt is very important to have healthy gums if you want to have beautiful teeth. When your gums become infected, the infection can go down to the jawbone and your teeth may begin to loosen. Some teeth may even fall out. So it is definitely in your best interest to make sure that your gums stay healthy. Two ways that are very effective in keeping your gums healthy is by keeping up-to-date on your comprehensive dental exams and teeth cleanings. If you had not had a teeth cleaning in over six months, we recommend that you contact our dentist in Cobble Hill for an appointment.

Our practice is Central Park Dentists. Our expert dentists are Drs. Bela and Garry Levingart. Our practice specializes in preventive, cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry. Our dentists are able to provide a variety of gum treatments if your gums indeed need them to become healthy once again. Often during a comprehensive dental exam, our dentist in Cobble Hill will see the very beginning signs of gum disease. This is called gingivitis. The gums are perhaps a little swollen and they may bleed a little. When gingivitis is detected our dentist will most likely recommend that you have several periodic dental cleanings over the next few months to return your gums to good health.

When gum disease has taken hold of a mouth, and deep pockets have formed in the gums, our dentist in Cobble Hill will probably recommend that other gum treatments are performed to help make your gums healthy once more. At our practice you will be able to have a deep cleaning procedure called scaling and root planing. This procedure sounds like it may be uncomfortable but it is not at all. It is performed using a local anesthesia and you will remain perfectly comfortable during the treatment. The goal of the treatment is to get rid of the tartar, plaque, bacteria and debris that have become trapped in the deep pockets and caused infection. The hope is that the deep pockets will begin to heal. If the treatment does not help the deep pockets, you may need to have periodontal surgery to help reduce pocket depths. If you would like to have an appointment to see one of our fine dentists, contact us today.

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