Family Dentist Cobble Hill

Dental care for all ages in Cobble Hill

Family dentist Cobble Hill

Family dentist Cobble Hill

Your entire family needs top notch dental care, and here at Central Park Dentists, you need not go to more than one office to meet that goal. From early childhood through to being an adult and into senior years, you can depend on our family dentist Cobble Hill.

A dental exam every six months is important for all our valued patients, regardless of age. Your child’s checkup will be somewhat different than that of yours, but the priorities are always the same. Dental plaque and tartar erode tooth enamel to form cavities; and irritate, inflame, and infect gums. Our family dentist Cobble Hill is committed to addressing the effects of plaque and tartar, and also preventing it from causing further damage. This means taking x-rays for the detection of cavities that need to be filled. Doing so keeps the tooth from being susceptible to advanced decay, root canal, or even extraction. And a teeth cleaning will eliminate all signs of plaque and tartar. It’s like hitting the reset button on oral health. A cleaning also reverses the impact of early stage gum disease. We also want our patients to feel comfortable and free of anxiety. For our pediatric patients, that is accomplished with patience, a fun and welcoming atmosphere, and a positive attitude. But even adults can experience fear and nervousness. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry. And with laser dentistry, you will experience greater comfort, more effective treatments, and quicker healing times. Invisalign is available for teeth straightening. And implants restore a full smile for those who have lost one or more teeth. These are just a few of the many valuable services done at our office.

Seek out our family dentist Cobble Hill for all your dental needs, and those of your children. And if you have elderly parents, we’re here for them, too. You can be assured of expert, experienced, and gentle care for all.

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