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Invisible Braces in Boerum Hill

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Dental braces in Boerum Hill

Invisible braces in Boerum Hill
Invisible braces in Boerum Hill

Do you regret the fact that you never had your teeth straightened when you were a teen? If so, you will want to come and visit us at our dental practice, Central Park Dentists. At our dental practice, many patients are able to get invisible braces in Boerum Hill, which will have your teeth looking great in the same amount of treatment time as is needed with traditional metal braces.

Our patients enjoy being treated with invisible braces in Boerum Hill because it means that they will be able to have this treatment discreetly performed without anyone even knowing it. This is because when patients wear invisible braces, the clear plastic aligners cannot be seen by others; they are virtually invisible while they are being worn. Invisible braces refer to braces which use a series of clear plastic aligners instead of traditional metal wires, bands, and brackets. These aligners are worn one at a time, in sequence, until all aligners have been worn. Each aligner will slowly move your teeth into position for the next aligner in the series, until the last aligner is worn. At this point, you will have your beautiful new smile.

Invisible braces are generally used for patients who do not have extensive malocclusions to correct. Our dentist will be easily able to tell you whether or not you are a good candidate for treatment with invisible braces. Our expert dentists are Dr. Garry Levingart and Dr. Bela Levingart. They will be happy to discuss with you whether or not this is a good treatment option for you. They will also let you know more about the benefits of invisible braces in Boerum Hill. When patients wear these invisible braces, they are able to eat anything they want because braces are removed when the patient is eating. These removable aligners also allow the patient to thoroughly brush and floss his or her teeth every day, so that their teeth will be as healthy at the end of treatment as they are at the beginning. In addition, treatment with invisible braces is very comfortable because the patient does not need to deal with any wires or brackets in their mouth. For an appointment to meet with our dentist to see if invisible braces are a good treatment option for you, contact us today.

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