Teeth Whitening in Boerum Hill

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Teeth whitening in Boerum Hill

Teeth whitening in Boerum Hill

You can rid yourself of the annoyance and self-consciousness of stained teeth here at Central Park Dentists. We proudly offer both an in-office and take-home option, so however you would prefer to have it done, you can be sure that our teeth whitening in Boerum Hill is more than a match for the common causes of teeth stains.

Personal habits, which encompass things that you chose to do, form the biggest part of the list of reasons for your teeth losing their natural luster. At number one is tobacco, which with heavy usage can turn your teeth yellow or even brown. This applies not only to smoking, but also the smokeless versions. Everyday beverages such as tea, coffee, red wine, and cola are also typical culprits. And whom among us does not indulge in at least one of them? Finally, there are the foods that contribute to teeth staining. Among them are soy sauce, curry, hard candies, and even berries. Yes, nutritious foods can still be a problem for your teeth when it comes to keeping them white. Outside of the choices you make, there are the ones that are not necessarily within your control. Tooth enamel slowly wears down with age, revealing the duller tissue beneath. And some prescription medication, notably tetracycline, is no friend to the color of your teeth. Fortunately, our teeth whitening in Boerum Hill is the solution. Instead of trusting a store-bought product, which might have abrasive ingredients that can damage your enamel, and will usually only provide marginal results, come in to see us and get an outcome that you will be excited about.

To take advantage of our teeth whitening in Boerum Hill, just contact our office and arrange a convenient time to come in and decide on whether you want it done here, in less than an hour, or you would rather have the more gradual process of doing it in the comfort of your home.

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