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5977942_mHaving a tooth removed is usually a last resort solution, done when all reasonable attempts to save the tooth have failed or proven to be ineffective. At Central Park Dentists, we’re committed to prevention and a strong oral health regimen, both at home and here at our office, to make the need for our tooth extractions in Cobb Hill an unlikely possibility. A healthful diet, avoiding excess sugar, and daily brushing and flossing are all important parts of a dental health strategy that can be counted on. Of course, you should also get a dental exam, x-rays, and a teeth cleaning twice per year.

But sometimes, a tooth extraction is the only option left and when that is the case, you can count on our cosmetic dentist to remove it with the highest level of skill, expertise, and a gentle touch. Local anesthesia will ensure that you are numb for the procedure. There is no reason to worry. You will feel pressure during our tooth extractions in Cobb Hill, but little or no pain at all. Stitches may be required afterward to seal the area of the incision. We’ll make sure you have gauze to stem any bleeding, which is a natural occurrence when you have a tooth removed. You will receive detailed instructions on how to proceed during the 24 hours following your extraction. In many cases, over-the-counter pain medication will be sufficient, but a prescription-strength version can be offered to assist you in managing any pain you experience. It’s a good idea to hold an ice pack on the outside of your mouth on the side where the tooth was taken out. You should also rinse frequently will salt in warm water. Try to avoid any physical exertion for the rest of the day and confine yourself to soft foods.

After our tooth extractions in Cobb Hill, our dentist will discuss with you possibilities regarding a restoration. Dental implants, fixed bridges, and partial dentures are all effective in replacing your missing tooth. You may feel self-conscious about that empty space where a tooth used to be, but there are practical reasons to address it, too. Your other teeth may shift without a replacement. That can cause you discomfort and lead to a misaligned occlusion (bite).

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